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Flight Vector CAD

Flight VectorTM software provides you with a fast, easy, and accurate way to manage air and ground assets on a variety of missions.  Its intuitive, straight-forward interface maximizes efficiency, while still providing users with access to a large number of robust features.

Flight Vector Mission Strips

Flight VectorTM has two core purposes.  The first is to provide users with an accurate, real-time accounting of their fleet, including the position and status of each asset.  The second is to allow users to rapidly create missions and select the optimal asset to assign to these missions.


Asset Management

In order to make most efficient use of their fleets, users must have accurate, up-to-date information about their assets at all times.  Flight VectorTM integrates with a wide variety of GPS tracking and satellite data-link systems to ensure that every asset's location and status is known up to the second.  Flight Vector's ability to integrate a large number of client installations means that everyone in your organization, from mechanics in the hangar to dispatchers in the call center to pilots at their base, can enter information about the current status of an asset and its crew.  Flight VectorTM uses this information to ensure that the best asset for a mission is dispatched every time.


Mission Speed

When time is of the essence, assets need to be launched quickly and correctly.  From the customizable intake form to the one-click-access to the most-used mission features, every part of the Flight VectorTM interface is designed to promote rapid, accurate data entry.  Flight VectorTM features a customizable search tool to enable users to send assets to the most efficient, useful destination with minimal input from the user.  Full integration with the FVMapTM application gives users the ability to quickly and accurately create new destinations on the fly, including street addresses and GPS waypoints.  Flight VectorTM even integrates with GoogleTM Maps to give users satellite imagery of landing zones and use addresses found in GoogleTM Maps to create missions.


















In addition to these core principles of Asset Management and Mission Speed, Flight VectorTM has a wide variety of other features that allow users to simplify management of even the largest of fleets.

  •  A wide range of report templates allow you to monitor valuable statistics concerning fleet status, asset performance, and other important metrics.  Templates are even provided for AAMS reports and FAA flight plans, allowing you to spend less time doing paperwork and more time running missions.  The custom reporting tool allows you to create a nearly-limitless array of reports to suit your organization's needs.  Reports can even be automated to provide you with the latest information on a daily basis.
  • ·The comprehensive paging system allows for integrated, automated communication between users, assets, ground facilities, and even individuals outside your organization.  Messages can be sent to and received from anyone with a cell phone, email address, pager, and even transponders in assets.  This seamless integration ensures that everyone involved with your organization has the information they need when they need it, allowing them to function with maximum efficiency.
  • Pilot Duty Tracking creates records of pilot flight time and checks these records in real-time to ensure that pilots are in compliance with FAA regulations concerning rest and duty time.  This allows users to focus on the actual running of missions and not the details of these rules.  This information also integrates seamlessly with Flight and Duty TrackerTM for web-based management of in-depth pilot duty and training compliance information.
  • ·Finally, Flight VectorTM allows for the export of data in a variety of formats.  For example, patient data is exported using the industry standard NEMSIS format for your convenience. 


Above all, Flight VectorTM offers you customizability.  Our dedicated design team works with each and every client to develop a solution that fits their organization.  From the user interface to the design of the database itself, Flight VectorTM can be adapted in any number of ways to suit your needs, and can continue to evolve with your organization.  This commitment to customer service and cooperative design is what makes Flight VectorTM ideal for your CAD needs.  Request a demonstration today and see how Flight VectorTM can help you accomplish your mission.


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