The Flight Vector™ family of products are customized for each and every client according to their specifications.  Additionally, each customer receives ongoing, individualized attention from the Flight Vector™ design team, ensuring that customers have exactly the software they require to accomplish their mission.

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Flight VectorTM software provides you with a fast, easy, and accurate way to manage air and ground assets on a variety of missions.  Its intuitive, straight-forward interface maximizes efficiency, while still providing users with access to record keeping, data reporting, crew and pilot management, and fleet maintenance features.

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FV Map

Flight VectorTM Map allows users to track their entire fleet of assets on the best looking map in the industry by integrating with a wide range of asset tracking services. It also provides users with a wide variety of valuable flight information, including weather, airspace, and obstacle data, so that their assets can fly in the safest, most efficient manner possible.

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Flight & Duty Tracker

Flight & Duty Tracker is a full-featured, web-based pilot management system designed to ensure compliance with all FAR Part 135 regulations. Data can be uploaded from any web-enabled device and is used to manage duty time, rest periods, crew training, and more.

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FV Transport

Request an asset right from your phone!  FV Transport allows approved users to request a asset based on the GPS location of their phone.  The user can watch the communication center evaluate the request, assign an asset and watch the asset arrive at the user’s location.

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FV Crew

The FV Crew Application is a powerful tool for drivers, pilots and medical crews which places essential status and transport information at their fingertips.  The App gives crew members the ability to fully manage their asset, from the beginning of their shift to the end.

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