Network Engineer – Generalist

Job Duties:

• Expose vulnerabilities in existing software and practices
• Monitor vulnerabilities to ensure we are staying on the top of security
• Manage education and training of internal individuals for reducing network risks and HIPAA violations
• Review all applications and processes for HIPAA Compliance
• Make recommendations to pass an external audit of HIPAA compliance
• Manage internal network support issues
• Manage internal certificates
• Assist in contract review and negotiation
• Manage internal Microsoft accounts
• Manage all servers and make recommendations for network architecture
• Make recommendations and assist in deployment of business-critical application redundancy
• Deploy application monitoring tool
• Create and monitor dashboard to ensure proper monitoring of systems
• Create internal notification from monitoring system
• Create and manage networking schemas and diagrams for internal and external use
• Employee user management
• Provide recommendations on application scalability
• Assist customers in implementing DR failover procedures
• Assist in customer support as it relates to network and MS SQL database issues
• Recommend long term goals to support continued growth of customer base and steps to achieve goals


Required Education/Experience: – Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a related field OR equivalent combination of education/experience that demonstrates technical competency – At least three (3) years experience

Prefer previous healthcare industry experience


Pay determined by experience

Resumes can be sent to