2024 FV Expo – April 17 & 18, 2024

We are looking forward to welcoming our customers to our annual conference and training event.

Previously known as the Flight Vector User Group Conference, the FV Expo will take place on April 17 & 18, 2024 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada.

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To book your room at the MGM at the discounted conference rate, click here. The cutoff date for discounted rates is 3/18/2024 at 5pm (PST).

Flight Vector is committed to keeping customer data safe.

With that, we’d like to officially announce the completion of an independent ISO 27001:2013 examination to ensure we’re doing just that. Congrats to our team, and to our valued customers who can rest assured knowing your data is safe with us.

Classic Air Medical Group, LLC. Receives FAA Electronic Recordkeeping Operations Specifications

Softtech Inc., the maker of the Flight Vector™ family of products, would like to wish a sincere congratulation to Classic Air Medical Group, LLC. for receiving FAA Operations Specifications A025 Electronic Recordkeeping.

Classic Air Medical Group, LLC. has partnered with Softtech, Inc. to implement an innovative flight operations software solution – Flight & Duty Tracker™.  Classic received FAA authorization for A025 following a comprehensive six-month evaluation period that tested the online software solution’s ability to replace paper pilot training records.

Come see how you too can eliminate the need for paper based pilot records for good.  The Flight & Duty Tracker™ team are here to take your operation into the future.

New On Line Flight & Duty Tracker

Softtech LLC, the maker of the Flight Vector™ family of products, is proud to announce Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters has adopted the Flight & Duty Tracker™ system into their operations at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and their Las Vegas/Boulder City operations!   Papillon employed Flight & Duty Tracker™ in early January.

Softtech LLC announced in early January that they will be attending Heli-Expo 2012 for the first time showcasing two exciting and innovative products: Flight Vector Mapping and
Flight & Duty Tracker.  Both products will be on display at the Flight Vector booth #8548 located in Hall F near the HAI booth.

Flight Vector Map™ Track all of your assets, including other assets in the Flight Vector system, on the best looking map in the industry! Allows for easy compliance of FAA Operations Specification A021 dealing with computing your minimum safe altitude for each leg of the flight. We will look at the terrain and obstacles along your route and display your minimum safe altitude for the leg easily print and go.

Flight & Duty Tracker™ is an online solution to all of your FAR Part 135 flight and duty tracking needs and more!  As a manager of small or large flight operations it is essential to track completely all training events due for each pilot in addition to all flight times and duty times of your pilot staff.  Our system is accessible on any device that can access the internet for easy input while in the field or in the office in order to keep headquarters up-to-date.  In addition, file company incident reports allowing safety managers to track, trend, and generate reports to be used in your SMS.  Flight & Duty Tracker™ can be customized for your company’s needs.  Full compliance with FAR 135.63, .247, .261, .263, .265, .267, .271, .293, .297, .299 and more.  In addition, we’ll work with you and your POI to comply with electronic records keeping requirements of AC 120-78.

For a complete demo come join us at Heli-Expo!

Norway Selects Flight Vector

The country of Norway has taken a critical step in National Air Ambulance interoperability and Coordination with its selection of the Flight Vector CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) Air Ambulance Mission Management Software System for national operations. This system will provide the country of Norway the first of its kind single solution National EMS Airspace Command and Control System for all Fixed-Wing Air Ambulance Flight Operations Mission Management.

Designed to allow for all scales of Air Ambulance Mission Management and Coordination, this system was the first to fully integrate Satellite Tracking / Navigation / and Communications with a visual display focused on aviation with the only custom CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) software in the world specifically designed and created by and for Flight Operations, Command and Control, Fleet / Aircraft & Crew Management, and all of this from the aviation, Communications Center, and Patient Care perspective.

This complete Mission Management System was first unveiled at the 2004 AMTC conference held in Cincinnati, OH, and has continued to lead the industry in capability and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) compliance. With Flight Vector, the CAD software, as the center point of this system, the new age mission management center has the ability to respond to the unique needs of the Air Ambulance industry in an unparallel manner.

Norway additionally requested another new feature be added to the system. The Flight Vector Map will now provide the visual tracking and management display component for the country. This addition to the suite of software now available through Flight Vector provides a comprehensive Mapping Solution with extensive support and capability features.

With this forward thinking action by Norway, the world now moves into a new realm of National EMS service ability, and presents a new model, one of complete interoperability. Norway joins other services in the United States applying the incredible benefits and strengths of this system towards capability, safety, and performance in support of saving lives. With the greatest speed, accuracy, and visual acuity, they now have the ability to respond to the needs of those in peril in a manner currently unequaled.

This system has already proven itself to truly be the image and function of tomorrows Air Ambulance Aviation based services. From the new FAA required Command and Control perspective, Flight Vector and its Command and Control Module in concert with Flight Explorer and various satellite tracking systems affords the Air Ambulance CFR135 Operators complete FAA requirement conformity offering a model unrivaled.

To all Flight Vector customers who were willing to reach out and step into the future of Air Ambulance Mission Management upon their recognition of how great the need for a new system, you represent the vision of tomorrow.