“The use of the Flight Vector System has brought my Communications Center to the leading edge of technology. It is the corner stone of my Flight Management Center and has been pivotal in dramatically improved performance and capability. The customer service has been the best I have ever experienced, and continues to be so. Possibly most importantly, Flight Vector has raised safety to a new unparalleled level, to include the fact that when the FAA has, and continues to visit my center, that I know we are in complete FAA compliance. In short, it is without a doubt the most significant enhancement in Air Ambulance Flight Management Technology in the past 30 years…I know…I have been in the industry. I welcome the opportunity to speak to anyone at anytime regarding the future of Air Ambulance Flight Management, Flight Vector.”

John Scott, Program Director
Tampa General Hospital, AeroMed

Another distinctive aspect of the Flight Vector System is the level of priority placed upon our customer service. With this in mind, feel free to contact any of our current customers who have offered to make themselves available to discuss their experience with the Flight Vector System. These individuals include, but are not limited to:

Mr. John Scott, Program Director Tampa General Hospital AeroMed, Tampa, FL

Mr. John Medred – Communications Education Coordinator STAT MedEvac, Pittsburgh, PA

Ms. Andrea Bianchini – Operations Manager Eagle Air Med, Blanding, UT

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