Our Products

Flight Vector™ software is a custom created data management system designed to fulfill the needs of the modern age flight communication center; FAR Part 135 Air Charter/Air Taxi/Air Ambulance Operators; and any other agency managing aviation and ground based assets.

Flight Vector CAD

Flight Vector provides easy to use mission/flight following, record keeping, statistic production, fleet management, crew and pilot management, maintenance tracking and other vital needs. Learn more

Flight Vector Map

Track all of your assets, including other assets in the Flight Vector system, on the best looking map in the industry!  You can easily see where your assets are and know the minimum safe altitude for each leg of the mission. Learn more

FVTransport App

Request a helicopter right from you phone!  FVTransport allows approved users to request a helicopter based on the GPS location of their phone.  The user can watch the communication center evaluate the request, assign as asset and watch the asset fly to the user’s location.

Flight & Duty Tracker

Flight & Duty Tracker™ is a full-featured, on-line pilot management system designed to ensure compliance with all FAR Part 135 regulations. Data can be uploaded from any web-enabled device and is used to manage duty time, rest periods, crew training, and more.