Flight Call is our latest app that allows the user to electronically request a helicopter, sending the user information and GPS location from their device.  The user is able to see the steps taken by the communication center during the process of evaluating the request and then assigning an asset to the request.  Once the helicopter is on the way to the scene, the user will be presented with a map.  This map allows the user to track the helicopter in real time, basically eliminating calls to the already busy communication center to find out where the helicopter is.

FVTransport can also be used in a hospital environment.  Once the user registers with Flight Vector as a hospital client, they can simply press the request transport button when they want to make a request.  The user doing this will be presented with a form (an example of a form is below) to fill out and then confirm the flight.  This can be done on a device or as a web form.  Either way, the hospital is able to see the same map as a user of FVTransport once the flight has lifted.  Again, doing everything electronically helps decrease the number of calls made to the communication center, allowing the communication specialist the time they need to do a great job!

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